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Paranoid Puppies, Inc.
• 12/12/2012

What is your favorite show on the Hub and why?

Because I'm feeling bored, I'm asking one of the most clichéd questions there is. Without tapping into any fandom rivalry, fan hating, hate dumb, moronic stereotypes, or any other primitive nonsense, what is your favorite show that is currently airing on the Hub? Keep in mind that lowering yourself to attacking a series you don't like, or attacking another user for liking a series you hate, will not reward you in any positive manner. This is meant to start a casual discussion in order to form more of a community on this Wiki, and not create unnecessary animosity. So, I've already stated the question twice. If there's anyone there, what is your answer?

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Paranoid Puppies, Inc.
• 2/23/2013
Lol my little pony and more
• 3/8/2013

Pound Puppies. It's funny, the characters are pretty well developed, and while its plots may be predicable, so are many of the Hub's shows. There are many episodes that try to avoid a predictable ending, so you can't say the writers aren't trying.

As for why I prefer this show above the other Hub shows, *shrug* I don't know. Maybe it's because the show reminds me of the cartoons I grew up on. Maybe because I cringe whenever I see characters do magic or mention a mythical phenomenon such as "telekinesis" or "snow". Plus, it was the show that made me get over the Hub replacing DK and got me to watch the other Hub shows.

Dan Vs. comes in a close second. Along with being extremely hilarious, it's really satisfying about watching a mean (for lack of a better word) person get his/her comeuppance. Also, being a Las Vegan, Los Angeles is the city I'm most familiar with other than Las Vegas (it's why I think snow is a myth, too). New York may as well be in Equestria to me, but it's amusing to see someone like Dan live in a city I've been to, with landmarks I recognize.

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